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It`s cool to collect vintage Star Wars

Vintage Star Wars collectibles as an investment seems to be a good move. Here on starwarsloosies you will find both loose and sealed 3.75" Star Wars action figures produced by Kenner, PBP, Poch, Palitoy, Top Toys, Toltoys, Meccano, Brazilian Glasslite and the Mexican Lili Ledy company. The main goal is to serve you rare collectors items and variants to that are in mint or near mint condition. Occasionally there will be some listing of loose figures that are not complete, but in pristine condition.

Can´t find what you´re looking for? No Millenium Falcon, no fully sealed Vinyl Jawa, no PBP or Poch nor any Double Telescoping Luke? Drop me an email and I´ll have a check if it´s laying around somewhere! A good thing would also be to check my current on going auctions over at Tradera. Head over to my page and check out all the fine
Vintage Star Wars Figures 

As you may have noticed, the current market prices on Vintage Star Wars figures and other action toys from 1977 to 1985 that were produced by Kenner and such, has hit through the roof and it doesn´t look like it will decrease either. Now that the newly arrived The Force Awakens has hit the theaters, the prices of both loose and fully sealed figures also known as MOC, will keep on going upwards for sure! The site will be updated with new vintage Star Wars toys on a regular basis. If theres a certain figure that you´re interested in but require additional information on it´s condition, you´re more then welcome to contact me via the form!

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Interested in seeing the current market prices on some of the loose action figures sold here on starwarsloosies.com, before making a purchase? Choose a figure and let it transport you over to recently sold listings on eBay! Be aware, there are a lot of counterfeits out there that are difficult to notice, especially the ones with reproduction weapons. Bear this in mind when browsing eBay for vintage Star Wars figures.
Yak Face
Blue Snaggletooth
Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper