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Blue Snaggletooth MINT - No Toe Dent Variant - Vintage Star Wars 1978

Blue Snaggletooth MINT - No Toe Dent Variant - Vintage Star Wars 1978

845 EUR
Serving you high grade, 100% original vintage Blue Snaggletooth form 1978 without the dent in toe. The figure is in pristine condition with stiff limbs and comes with an original vintage Kenner blaster.

Blue Snaggletooth
Released for the 1978 holiday season, the Blue Snaggletooth was available at Sears in their exclusive Cantina Adventure Set for a short period of time only. The original design was supposed to be short and red as seen in the movies, but due to some misunderstanding between Lucas Film and the manufacturer, the Snaggletoth was instead made blue and of normal sizing as per the rest of the Star Wars figures. The Blue “error” Snaggletooths were quickly withdrawn from the shelves and trashed, resulting in the new Red “correct” Snaggletooth taking it´s place, which is a whole lot more common and thus the massive price difference between the two.
No serious Star Wars collector can deny that owning a good conditioned Blue Snaggletooth is a must. But be aware, due to the holy grail status of this piece it has become a subject for counterfit´s and fake reproductions. Watch out when you´re in the market for a Blue Snaggletooth!