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Vintage Yak Face figure- Last 17 - Kenner 1985

Vintage Yak Face figure- Last 17 - Kenner 1985

255 EUR
An high grade Yak Face from the Last 17 line, complete with a 100% original vintage staff. This rare piece comes with stiff limbs and a great overall color with only micro-minimal signs of wear. No signs discoloration whatsoever.

Stamp: L.F.L 1985

Last 17 - Power Of The Force - POTF
This figure belongs to the Last 17 line of figures, the last batch of Star Wars figures that were ever produced. Between 1984-1985 when these action figures were manufactured, the Star Wars hype was on it´s way down which naturally resulted in decreased sales. Less figures was bought and less figures ended up in peoples homes. End result is that today, there are fewer Last 17 figures in the market and thus the higher prices than most of the earlier figures.

Last 17 consists of Warok, Romba, Paploo, Lumat, Luke Skywalker Poncho, R2D2 pop up lightsaber, Amanaman, Barada, Imperial Gunner, Han Solo Carbonite, Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper, Anakin Skywalker, Lando Calrissian General Pilot, A-Wing Pilot, Imperial Dignitary, EV-9D9 and the notorious Yak Face.